They listened to the loud voices that came from the kitchen. It was their parents fighting again. They knew, it was about them again.

They have stopped going to film festivals and theatres, and have never been to a music concert. They never had the time, they wished they had.

They have grown over time. The scars are there to remind them of their painful journey. But at least they have each other to hang on to.

They stay in different continents but still manage to meet up and have a good laugh.

They dreamt of a happy life!

Will they?





3 Reasons Every Writer Needs a Cat

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IMG_0080.JPGI grew up with dogs; dogs in the neighborhood, pet dogs on my mom’s side of the family, and my own beloved late adopted stray who was called Goti. After Goti passed away in 2012, my other family members were not ready to go through the love and loss process with a canine family member again. I took the opportunity to turn myself into a cat lady/cat parent. While I could go on and on for several thousand words about cats, I will let you enjoy your Sunday with a shorter version. Here are some wonderful reasons to adopt a cat from the street/shelter today – especially because I’m going to tell you why writers can benefit from becoming cat parents/slaves.

  1. Cats purr. You know that amazing little sound that comes from within them. It sounds like a soft motor or something is running inside of them. Basically, a purr…

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The Role Play Of Thoughts In Relationships

Relationships can be defined on the surface as a state in which two or more people are connected, the state of being related or interrelated. If the definition is expanded, the way in which two people, talk to, regard and behave towards each other, and deal with each other. Spirituality sees relationships from a deeper perspective – relationships are not only what we do or say to each other, but are built on the basis of what we think about each other. So relationships, when seen from a spiritual view point, are an exchange of energy at the level of thoughts and feelings, and then words and actions thereafter. 

Relationships are one of the most important wealth of our lives and one of the most important sources of our happiness. In order to make them successful i.e. to create the wealth of positive relationships and to experience joy through them continuously, it is important to base them on the right belief systems. One major incorrect belief that we carry inside ourselves with regards to our relationships is that relationships are all about behaving and talking in the right manner. This is because we think people see, know and judge only what we speak and do, they do not sense what we think, and so we don’t give enough significance to our thoughts. But thoughts are more in number and being a more powerful and subtle energy, travel faster than words. When we interact with someone let us take care that along with the right actions, our thoughts are also right. If we have negative thoughts containing any type of negativity of hatred, greed, jealousy, resentment, selfishness, ego, etc. and we perform positive actions filled with the energy of virtues, neither will we be internally content nor will we be able to satisfy the other person. In all our relationships, it is the intention, the packets of thought energy or vibrations that we transmit, which matter more than the action. Giving significance to the inner intentions while coming into relationships is true transparency in relationships.

Husband-wife relationships, sometimes, are like castles of sand, extremely pleasing to the eye, but based on weak foundations and susceptible to destruction. This happens when they are challenged by negative tides of clash of opinions, personalities or lifestyles. In such relationships, the castles look good from outside because of energies like acceptance, trust, understanding and letting go existing on the surface. These positive energies are displayed by both partners to each other in the form of words, gestures and actions. But these castles can easily collapse because the foundations of these castles are weak. The foundations are thoughts and feelings carried by the partners in their minds, which are filled with expectations, rejection, mistrust, misunderstandings, possessiveness and suspicion at times. These exist along with the positive emotions which are displayed in actions. Also both partners feel they have made their respective positive contributions in the relationship and so the same is expected from the other side, which is not fulfilled at times, further increasing the problems in the relationship. At the same time, both partners are not aware of the negative emotional, much more powerful forces that exist inside them, which go against the positive contribution. These negative energies are silently working on the castle of the relationship from below, ready to bring it down anytime.

Another e.g. – in corporate circles, apart from the external objective of profit making and generation of revenue and jobs, an important internal objective of any good corporate organization is creating a peace, love and happiness filled as well as obstacle free atmosphere in the company. This will be helpful to the external objective. One spiritual principle states that the leader or CEO or Managing Director of the organization is like a seed of the organization. His every thought reaches out to and influences every person of the organization as well as the organization as a whole. A second spiritual principle states that the internal ruling and controlling power of a leader of an organization is directly proportional to the handling (of the people of the organization) power of the leader. If in the inner boundaries of the leader’s mind, obstacles of waste and negative thoughts exist i.e. the inner atmosphere of the leader’s mind is not full of peace, love and joy, then as per the first spiritual principle, this gets transmitted to the people under the leader. Also, as per the second spiritual principle, such a leader who is lacking in mind ruling power and mind controlling power is automatically lacking in handling power of people under him. Such a leader, due to the application of both these principles, is ineffective in creating a positive environment in the organization.

Parent-child relationships are the foundation of our complete life. The earliest habits that children acquire in their lives are from their parents. Very often parents try and impose positive habits on their children. A very common trend that we see nowadays where parents will scold their child for common negative actions like getting angry, for lying to them, for watching inappropriate stuff on different mediums of technology like television and the internet or for getting involved in relationships with the opposite gender at a young age. Very commonly parents are not satisfied with the change brought about by children by following the rules that they have set for them, causing parent-child relationships to get strained. Why is it that inspite of children knowing that parents are concerned for them, do not listen to their instructions and continue with the negative habits? A more powerful medium than words, which reaches children on a physical level, is the personality radiation of the parents which works on children. It reaches them faster than and much before the words do. Parents dictate the change but don’t be the change.What that means is similar habits of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego etc. exist inside them which keep travelling to the children on a subtle energy level. These negative energies influence their minds negatively much sooner than positive words in the form of instructions, leaving the words as good as ineffective.

Also considering another common relationship that children have, the one with their school teachers. Many investigations confirm that teachers’ expectations, whether negative or positive, form one of the most influential factors in the academic performance of their students. If teachers expect good results from their students and have complete faith and confidence that they will succeed, their performance will be much closer to their real capacity than if they are expecting poor results. Very often in schools, the teachers’ words regarding the performance of the children are not a direct reflection of their thoughts. Their words are full of faith and hope in the students’ success but thoughts are lacking in optimism with regards to the same. Negative thoughts of fear of probable failure of the children, in the minds of teachers, inspite of positive words of encouragement, negatively influence impressionable minds of children. This leads to their poor show in school exams.


–Awakening With Brahma Kumaris

The trip to her friend’s farm

The other day a friend of mine was telling me about a time when she went to visit a friend’s farm. She really loved going there, and once went up with her husband to visit the friend’s farm. They had a really wonderful time, just enjoying the beautiful weather, country atmosphere, and nature.

My friend loved to take long drives out in the Wisconsin countryside, looking at all of the
beautiful sights, seeing the gorgeous trees, the bright flowing fields, and looking at the wondrous animals. “How fascinating it is”, she would say, “to just gaze at the beautiful deer, with their brown coats and deep brown eyes. And how nice it is to look at the beautiful rabbits, with their white and grey coats, hopping through the fields.

She would ride for hours in her car just really enjoying the moments, allowing herself to
become absorbed in the present, not thinking of anything in particular, just really relaxing and living life to the fullest. On occasion, her husband’s long brown hair would blow in the wind and touch her face, instantly reminding her of the stories he would tell of his fishing trips, where slowly, peacefully, he would just drift out on the calm, peaceful lake, just listening, really listening to the sounds of nature surrounding him. The low murmur of the locust, the rustling of the trees in the night air, the occasional sound of water splashing as a fish would jump out of, and then fall back into the water.

Really tuning in and just listening, closely and intensely, to the sounds all around him.
How he loved to hear those crystal clear sounds of nature. How it gave him such an inner sense of peace and tranquillity, allowing him to just tune out all other thoughts, and just really become tuned in to the present moment. Giving him such a sense of inner calmness and comfort, very much like the feeling you get walking into a wonderfully warm, cozy log cabin, coming in from the bitter cold on a dark night in the deep of winter.

All bundled up in a snowsuit, wearing heavy gloves, snow boots, a wool hat and a scarf wrapped around your face, your fingers and toes so cold that they’re numb. As you walk into the cabin, you feel a comforting rush of warm air all around you as you immediately see the intensely bright roaring fireplace glowing with an incredible heat. As you come closer to the fireplace you feel the intense heat on your face, and the warmth soothes and comforts your skin. You remove your scarf and hat and the comforting heat now flows around you ice cold ears, quickly warming them. As you remove your gloves and place your hands out in front of you, the delightful heat surrounds your fingers slowly thawing them and bringing about comfort and warmth.

You remove your coat and boots and now begin to feel the heat all over your entire body. Starting from the top of your head, the warmth feels so wonderful! So soothing, giving you such an incredible sense of comfort. Your face and neck are beginning to feel the warmth and a profound sense of relaxation begins to swell up inside you. Your shoulders and arms are now beginning to feel the warm soothing comfort as well, and now your fingers, too. The cold is just flowing out of your body, drifting away as the kind and gentle warmth pervades through you.

Now you can feel the comforting heat and deep relaxation all the way down both legs and into your toes…so soothing, so relaxing, so comforting, and you can just let those incredibly comforting feelings continue to become stronger and bigger, making you feel so good inside.

Partners & Relationships

Moving on from a broken relationship is a necessity. Though it takes quite a bit of maturity to handle the issue with finesse, one can guarantee that it would be a bitter pill to swallow.

With millennials deciding to stay out of marriage on the rise, one should try to find out the underlying reasons for the same. As a single bachelor in his thirties with a couple of broken relationships in the past, I feel its time to give the issue of partners and relationships a thought it deserves.

I had my fair share of experiences with relationships. These experiences over time always made me think and ponder upon my preferences when it comes to choosing the right partner.

My journey of experiencing strong personal independent relationships started when I was 19 and proposed my best friend. She was an intellectual with a pragmatic attitude towards life and had earlier told me that love was not her cup of tea. She knew of her decision but just so that I didn’t feel bad she said she would think about it and for that she needs time. She took 3 years to come up with an announcement of her falling in love with another great fellow who happens to be a doctor.
… to be continued

What It’s Like to Lose Your Short-Term Memory


Christine Hyung-Oak Lee | Longreads | February 2017 | 18 minutes (4,276 words)

Longreads is proud to feature an exclusive excerpt from Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember: The Stroke That Changed My Life, the forthcoming memoir by Christine Hyung-Oak Lee. Lee’s story was first featured on Longreads in 2014, for her BuzzFeed essay, “I Had a Stroke at 33.”


Short-term memory dominates all tasks—in cooking, for instance: I put the water to boil in a pot on the stove and remember that the water will boil while I chop the onions. I will put the sauté pan on the stove to heat up the oil for the onions, and I will then put the onions, which I will remember I have chopped, into the oil, which I remember I have heated for the onions. I will then add tomatoes. While the onions and tomatoes cook, I…

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