Partners & Relationships

Moving on from a broken relationship is a necessity. Though it takes quite a bit of maturity to handle the issue with finesse, one can guarantee that it would be a bitter pill to swallow.

With millennials deciding to stay out of marriage on the rise, one should try to find out the underlying reasons for the same. As a single bachelor in his thirties with a couple of broken relationships in the past, I feel its time to give the issue of partners and relationships a thought it deserves.

I had my fair share of experiences with relationships. These experiences over time always made me think and ponder upon my preferences when it comes to choosing the right partner.

My journey of experiencing strong personal independent relationships started when I was 19 and proposed my best friend. She was an intellectual with a pragmatic attitude towards life and had earlier told me that love was not her cup of tea. She knew of her decision but just so that I didn’t feel bad she said she would think about it and for that she needs time. She took 3 years to come up with an announcement of her falling in love with another great fellow who happens to be a doctor.
… to be continued


What It’s Like to Lose Your Short-Term Memory


Christine Hyung-Oak Lee | Longreads | February 2017 | 18 minutes (4,276 words)

Longreads is proud to feature an exclusive excerpt from Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember: The Stroke That Changed My Life, the forthcoming memoir by Christine Hyung-Oak Lee. Lee’s story was first featured on Longreads in 2014, for her BuzzFeed essay, “I Had a Stroke at 33.”


Short-term memory dominates all tasks—in cooking, for instance: I put the water to boil in a pot on the stove and remember that the water will boil while I chop the onions. I will put the sauté pan on the stove to heat up the oil for the onions, and I will then put the onions, which I will remember I have chopped, into the oil, which I remember I have heated for the onions. I will then add tomatoes. While the onions and tomatoes cook, I…

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How do you know that you are committed to a purpose? Is it just about your sincerity and grit to stand watch to the fulfillment of the purpose at hand or is it more than that?

Commitment to a corporate job and its responsibilities when compared to commitment to a personal relationship incites different emotional reactions. In the first case, you need to look out for the greater good and be emotionally intelligent enough to make decisions. Risks and biases are to be calculated and taken care of before you put forth your final verdict. While in the second case you need to follow your heart and be passionate and empathetic while making decisions.

In the race against time, we lose everything to time. Grass will always be greener on the other side. Then why can’t we choose to be on a boat sailing downstream steadily with our eye at the horizon?

Life will rock this boat if we do so and make us choose sides for it is always a pleasure to stand fast to a decision and fight to the very end with logical explanations.

Do we win eventually or do we lose? And even if we lose the argument who loses the actual fight?
Just thinking…

7th February, 2017

My first Literary Meet!

Having sudden abrupt mood swings throughout the day kind of defines the life of a bipolar. Jacked up with my medication I decided that I have had enough of the chaos life had to offer and wanted to wander off to search the order in this disorderliness. 

Charged up with the beats of the parade at my school on 23rd January (Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose) I made up my mind. Courage and support of my family drove me to take the step which I had only wished for in my thoughts. Dreams become reality only if you wish and believe in them.

List of celebrities I met and spoke with up close is a long one. I specially remember my evening stroll with William Darlymple discussing his session on The Last Mughal where he read excerpts from the life of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the mystic, in midst of the interim classical songs of the bygone era by Vidya Shah.
The experience was mystifying!
Thank you KALAM 2017!
Kolkata Literary Meet 2017, 

Victoria Memorial Hall

The Naked Truth

She bared it all!

She is sceptical but she did it nonetheless.

What went in her mind just before she did it?
Was she anxious of what the future holds or was she frustrated of the gripping hands of the past?

She did bare it all..

Maybe she enjoyed the whole experience 

Maybe she felt relieved.
Maybe she fell in love once again…

How much of a procrastinator are we?

Even when we know that we have all the skills required to deliver on a particular job we still tend to “prioritize” our schedule and sit back and enjoy our lovely leisure (which technically we do not have). 
Am thinking why do we do that? 

Why don’t we find the motivation to act on it? 
Why are we scared? What are the things that scare us the most? Is it our insecurities and shortcomings or is it just the fear of failing?
Am thinking…