Partners & Relationships

Moving on from a broken relationship is a necessity. Though it takes quite a bit of maturity to handle the issue with finesse, one can guarantee that it would be a bitter pill to swallow.

With millennials deciding to stay out of marriage on the rise, one should try to find out the underlying reasons for the same. As a single bachelor in his thirties with a couple of broken relationships in the past, I feel its time to give the issue of partners and relationships a thought it deserves.

I had my fair share of experiences with relationships. These experiences over time always made me think and ponder upon my preferences when it comes to choosing the right partner.

My journey of experiencing strong personal independent relationships started when I was 19 and proposed my best friend. She was an intellectual with a pragmatic attitude towards life and had earlier told me that love was not her cup of tea. She knew of her decision but just so that I didn’t feel bad she said she would think about it and for that she needs time. She took 3 years to come up with an announcement of her falling in love with another great fellow who happens to be a doctor.
… to be continued


What's your take?

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