How do you know that you are committed to a purpose? Is it just about your sincerity and grit to stand watch to the fulfillment of the purpose at hand or is it more than that?

Commitment to a corporate job and its responsibilities when compared to commitment to a personal relationship incites different emotional reactions. In the first case, you need to look out for the greater good and be emotionally intelligent enough to make decisions. Risks and biases are to be calculated and taken care of before you put forth your final verdict. While in the second case you need to follow your heart and be passionate and empathetic while making decisions.

In the race against time, we lose everything to time. Grass will always be greener on the other side. Then why can’t we choose to be on a boat sailing downstream steadily with our eye at the horizon?

Life will rock this boat if we do so and make us choose sides for it is always a pleasure to stand fast to a decision and fight to the very end with logical explanations.

Do we win eventually or do we lose? And even if we lose the argument who loses the actual fight?
Just thinking…

7th February, 2017


What's your take?

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