Is it really a necessity?

Why do people blog I wonder?

Has the blog replaced the good old habit of writing diaries?

Or did we become more attention seeking with the exponential growth of the technological advancements?


My attention span has deteriorated drastically in the last decade.

There was a time where mobile phones were devices to keep you connected while you were on road or away from home. These days they are not even referred to as mobiles. They have become smart and continues to become smarter day by day.

Features like megapixel count of the camera or audio quality are no longer the primary specifications people look for while buying their new smartphone. It has become a small computing device itself.


Why am I bitching today? I don’t know..

I possess a smartphone which has better on-the-go features than my laptop. With almost the same memory as my laptop it is capable of doing intensive computing with state of the art technology.

And how does possessing a new smartphone for over a year make it that old that it has to be replaced by a new one.


Is the technological advancements happening so fast, or is it us, who are losing patience day by day?

Did I ramble my thoughts out loud??

Seems I did.


S. Chatterjee

21 May 2016.




What's your take?

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