India is not a country, it is a concept

India, to me, is not just a land but a way of life, a tremendously significant philosophy.

It is the only part of the world that has gone deep into the interiority of man, which has discovered for the first time the ultimate in consciousness, the universality of individual beings.

Science has discovered much, but no discovery of science can be compared to the discovery that India has made in the past. For ten thousand years continuously it has devoted its whole energy to finding out the meaning of life, the very essence of existence – and it has found it.

So when I talk about India, I do not talk about the India that you see on the map, I do not talk about the India that exists today. I am talking about a concept that has come out of centuries work of discovery. Nowhere has religion ever reached such heights. No community has ever given all her geniuses to the discovery of mans inner world. And that is the most precious thing in life.

You can have everything, all, but if you dont have yourself… you can know everything around you, but if you dont know what is within you, all your knowledge, all your wealth, all your power is futile – and sooner or later you will be drowned in your own wealth, in your own power. It will destroy you because it will go on increasing, becoming bigger and bigger, and you will be shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller.

The scientist is denying that he is, and asserting truths about things and objects. It is a very strange phenomenon. Then who is discovering all these things and objects? Every genuine scientific genius feels embarrassed – anybody like Albert Einstein – because he cannot say anything about himself… and he knows about the farthest star in the world, its whole history millions of years before it was created, and he knows how many more million years it will remain, and then it will dissolve. His knowledge is vast, but he knows nothing about the knower.

I am not concerned with India as a geographical unit, but as a spiritual search. I can condemn the present-day situation. It is ugly; it is against all human values.

Winston Churchill, before he retired, said, “The day India becomes free, it will fall apart, into pieces.” And he was right. Politically he had the insight, because he knew that they had somehow put all the pieces together, and it needs immense power to keep them together. If that power is removed, those pieces will start falling apart – and thats what is happening now.

So I am not in favour of this India, which is absolutely corrupted. But to me, in my vision, there is a totally different, glorious India, which consists of men like Gautam Buddha, Nagarjuna, Vasubundhu, Shankara… a whole line of thousands of enlightened people.

That’s my India.

via India is not a country, it is a concept – The Times of India.


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