Sridatta Chatterjee : My Experience

Last two days were a huge lesson. One of the first’s of my life. Talking to approximately a 2000 people in two days! That means knowing 2 thousand Indian’s attitude towards India! And, what an overwhelming response it was!! From street vendors, to a cobbler, to the jhalmuri wala….to a high profile doctor….everyone showed interest in doing their bit as an Indian. Not only did they sign, but also expressed their happiness after they understood the purpose of the campaign. I remember so many people that I can quote a few of them :

Day 1: A middle-age woman said, “U know I have two daughters of your age, I know they’ll never stand in the rain doing something for their country. Good job. You mother must be so proud!”A clerk said, “What? Civilian Force? Wow, Nice! It’s because of organizations like these that we know voices will be raised against injustice, no matter what.” A street vendor [soan-papri wala], listened to all that I had to say, then he smiled and said, “humein to pata bhi nahi tha ki hum bhi apne desh ke liye kuch kar sakte hai…hum ghar jaa-ke sabko bolenge” [I didn’t even know that even I can do something for my country…I shall tell my family about this.]

Day2: Early in the morning, a man wrote ‘India, Delhi’ in the space for region, and said, “I’m an Indian first ,my sister, Delhi comes much later”A cobbler who listened to all that I said, asked me, “hum to sirf apna naam hi likhna jaante hai, wohi likh de?” [I just know how to write my name, will that suffice?]. He signed in Urdu.Late in the afternoon, a doctor [I know because he wrote “Dr.” followed by his name] said, “I’m ready to stand and listen to you even for an hour if it’s fruitful for my country in some way or the other”. He signed as his BMW car stood waiting for him.So, very very precisely, I’m overwhelmed….

The next time say “I’m proud to be an Indian” I shall say it another meaning….with another feeling….because now I know 2000 more Indian’s than what I knew 2days earlier.Thank You. To everyone who made it happen. To everyone who signed. To everyone who didn’t, coz even they gave me the lesson. To everyone who are a part of the experience.I’m sure this experience, this lesson will act as a huge guidance in all our future endeavours.After all…“Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him” [Aldous Huxley]

via The CIVILIAN Force: Sridatta Chatterjee : My Experience.


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